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Personal Info

Two decades ago, when he had not yet migrated to China, he was active in the food, cellulose, and dye industries and worked as a producer and marketing development consultant. Production and marketing are his main hobbies, living in China and observing the growing growth of this country in industry and marketing made him study more. A business trip to more than sixty cities in China and visiting more than three thousand factories in various industries and his constant love for his country led to the presentation of the Iran-China Galaxy platform, which he has been developing since 2015.



CIG’s Founder


Iran (Kerman) Chamber of Commerce
Iran – Russia Chamber of Commerce
China – Iran Chamber of Commerce
Iranian LED Manufacturing Association
Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce


  • Novin Parse Cooperative CEO
  • Pishtaz Co. Chairman of Board
  • Azahnd Mehr. Co, Chairman of Board
  • Secretary of international Relation of LED Association of Iran

Our Platform

Mission is to be a safe bridge between china and iran private sectors

The China-Iran Galaxy platform consists of different parts that are focused on the respective missions. Each of these parts is like the asteroids of this galaxy, which has its own conditions and covers its audience, although each one is a part of a general set.


CIG oexpo

One of the best ways to introduce products and find customers is by participating in the exhibition. CIG Expo’s task is to create optimal conditions for manufacturers and product owners who want to expand their market through the exhibition.


cig on go

Another part of the China-Iran galaxy acts as the strategic think tank of this system. Its purpose is to gather thinking people and plan for the development of this platform.



CIG MY NET is a part of the Iran-China galaxy, which tries to connect economic actors of the private sector, including producers, intermediaries, and buyers, directly to each other.


CIG on shop

China-Iran Galaxy Online Store is the only place where you can easily get guaranteed quality products at a fair price using all the reliable online sales platforms.

CIG on travel

Business trips will be useful when we have enough information about our destination, in the China-Iran Galaxy, our travel services are using local experts in various business fields, which makes business trips useful.


cig on ship

Goods transportation service is another service of the China-Iran Galaxy