china - Iran Galaxy

a new idea for two historical nations

cicpd system

China – Iran Cooperative Productivity and Distribution is a system of CIG.

We are trying to connect Chinese and Iranian Industries and Markets in this system.

trop system

The trading region of Persia was an old commercial road between the old empire of Iran and its neighboring countries. Although, over time, parts of this empire have separated and become independent countries.
The purpose of this platform is to reconnect the countries that are today in the first and second ring in this trade area

波斯的贸易区是伊朗旧帝国与其邻国之间的一条古老的商业道路。 尽管随着时间的推移,这个帝国的部分地区已经分离并成为独立的国家。 该平台的目的是重新连接当今处于该贸易区第一和第二环的国家

ictctc system

Iran – China Technology, Culture, and Trading Exchange Develop Center is another part of CIG that trying to be a safe and stable bridge between Iranian and Chinese nations.